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    • And that’s what makes your work very creative and original. As I told you before, it’s the first time I enjoy seeing wedding pics. In Occident, they are bored, there are no feelings in it …But you put human emotions in yours and we feel as we were also there, living these moments, sharing it. You tell us beautiful love stories through your pics. Stories, everybody want to live.That’s what makes you great.

  1. Hello dear,
    I’m observing your Wedding Photography since past few years, and I have seen it evolving.
    Wedding photography is definitely your thing. The work is simply brilliant.
    My wishes for your future endeavors.

    Keep Moving, Keep Inspiring.

  2. You are already booked for 18th of April, 2012. Location – Varanasi.
    Purpose: To have the Best Wedding Photographer in India for My marriage.

    I know, you are awesome, dada.

  3. Hello Sir,
    I Have Observed your Photographs are too Good..Each and Every Click has something Special which makes it more Live and Beautiful. You have taken it in such a manner, which is something called out of Expectation…And thats called “Creativity and Perfection”….U have a Talent which is Hard to find.!…All the Very Best for Your Future and May You soon Become a Famous and a Successful Photographer.Thanks a Lot for Sharing such Marvellous Clicks with Us.

    Have a Bright Future and Be Blessed,

    Shailja Shukla

  4. Hello! Just want to say thank you for these interesting photos!
    I find your work very different from all other Wedding Photographers in Delhi and India.

  5. hello Sir,

    jst visited ur site…
    very nice tour it has been…
    all da pics in all albums r very b’tiful…
    i luv it…ur Artistic hand, ur Aesthetic Sensibility nd above all
    ur Creativity is all visible in ur clicks…
    kudos 2 ur xtraordinary Talent nd Touch… You are a Excellent Wedding Photographer.
    Congrats… nd All the Best 4 ur future Endeavors…!!!

  6. I have been looking at almost all the Wedding Photographers in Delhi and also elsewhere in India. Your work stands out among all. Unbelievable, amazing compositions and colours.

  7. Hi,
    I got to know about this site from Delhi times dated 29 September. I read this piece of story and wanted to know more about this kind of photography.
    Sir just wanted to chq two thinks with you.
    1) do you also offer some courses, if anyone like to learn this art of clicking beautiful and incomparable pictures where you just not click them but pour in all the emotions that flow arround.
    3) Going through all the Wedding Photographers in Delhi. But I keep coming back to your website.
    2) I have my mom dad 25 wedding anniversary coming up next year, do you also have some gud pakages for such events plus would like to know about the packages cost in details of all such kinds of events..

    warm regard


  8. Hi…….
    Ur portfolio is really amazing…now i am getting quite excited about the special moments u hav captured………..

    Even my father was impressed for the person u r and the kind o passion and energy u carry and offcourse the way to gel up with ur clients ….

    gr8 going… all the best

  9. Hi

    Its amazing and phenominal the way you capture every moment and makes it alive. I am getting married and i want your help to make my wedding day a special and a memorable one. Please contact me via email asap. I will be really thankful to you.


  10. HI Soumen Ji,
    First of all Congrats!! You deserve these accolades and keep it coming more. I saw the video and great to see and hear your sound;)
    All the best and would you be interested to shoot wedding in kerala;)

  11. Hey Somu Bhaiya,
    Hope u doing good, I went through all the pics and its just an awesome, some moments u clicked are very very much rare to see….. Loved ur work and the stories behind ur pics are been spoken by pics themselves ,……

    Best luck

  12. Hi Soumen!!Absolutely Stunning work..but i think i can’t afford you…Thanks Alot for your time…God Bless!!

  13. Excellent work..I know someone else who does similar work..and I believe this is actual photography..Just want to know if there is a possibility to be able to assist you on a shoot and learn from you.

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