Candid Wedding Photography

Thinking of Candid Wedding Photography for your Big day? Getting ready for a Wedding in your home town, or that of your fiancee? Or planing for an exclusive Destination Wedding? Or perhaps raring to go for a Cross cultural wedding defying conservative laws of the yesteryears? We have done it all, captured every type of wedding through our lenses. On the below thumbnails, Click on the type of Wedding you want to go for and see our Candid Wedding Photography for each. Note that, though I am based out of Delhi, I undertake Candid Wedding Photography assignments all over India.

Wedding Stories : Our experiences of Candid Wedding Photography in the cities and even in the rural areas are extensive. From 5-start hotels to Banquet halls, exotic resorts or expensive Farm Houses, weddings are held in almost all possible types of locations in the cities. Take a sneak peak at some of our wedding stories. Destination Weddings : Weddings on the golden Beaches of Goa, or on the Lap of Himalayas; Palace Weddings or a wedding amidst the serene setup of lush green forest at JimCorbett national park, I have done them all, be it Candid Wedding Photography or a Pre Wedding Shoot. Click here to have a glimpse of these exotic weddings.
Cross Cultural weddings : Bengali groom and a Delhi-Girl, or A Telegu Boy with a UP Girl, Cross cultural weddings defy the conservative elements of the society and take us towards a new light of love, freedom and celebrations. Parents are more than willing to bless their children even in such cases. Here are some of my Cross-cultural stories. Wedding Moments : Well, Candid Wedding photography is all about capturing the moments along with the emotions, without being too obtrusive. We capture you in your elements, the unpretentious and most beautiful you, your special day the way it was. Here’s a compilation of my most favourite images from various weddings.

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