Vishal Weds Leena (Papneja)

Relive the most special moments of your life, the way they happened…with all the gaiety, the pomp and the emotions that flowed. We provide state of the art Wedding Cinematography in Delhi , and not merely traditional videos punched into a 10 minutes clip. We use DSLRs to shoot, though cameras are not what make an art work. We have the right experts to do that. The skills that have been acquired after working in the Television industry. Vishal Manral and his Team Presents Candid Lamhe and Tape that, who together will make such wonderful Films for you. Our highest package comprises of a team lead by the Art-director and accompanied by his Cinematographers during the shoot. The Art-Director continues his rendezvous with your wedding film through his Editors and a art work is created eventually.

Our Wedding films are entirely different from the regular traditional videos, which you must have seen every where else. It has all those important elements which a movie has, such as a song and dance sequence, a Pre Wedding shoot,  interviews of the bride & groom,  and anything else you want to savour for eternity. We are keen to listen to your love story and develop your wedding film to incorporate glimpses of your story.

Looking for Wedding Cinematography in Delhi ? If you are one who is into finer tastes and are not satisfied with mediocrity, give me a call and we shall make your dream come true.

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