How to choose a Wedding Photographer ?

Read along, if you want to know How to choose a wedding photographer for your D-day. You want to document the most important day of your life, and probably you do not know where from to begin. Choosing your wedding photographer seems to be an arduous task? Not really if you know and understand the basics.

How to choose a wedding photographer

How to choose a wedding photographer

Where from to start to hire your wedding photographer?

There are a few things you must keep in mind while engaging a wedding photographer:

A)    Firstly, you must understand the style of photography you want for your wedding. Would you want to opt for the stereotypical and traditional “posed” type of photography or would you much rather choose a contemporary, candid and natural way of capturing images? A traditional photographer would capture the group shots, posed pictures etc. However, I specialize in Candid Wedding Photography that captures the essence of your special day and is reflective of varied moods and emotions. It is non-intrusive and candid. I shoot weddings “as is”, which is to capture it as it happens. I won’t control, ask you to stop or slow anything. I won’t force an expression from you or make you pose. I believe completely in documentary photography.

You may decide to select a wedding photographer each from both schools. In this case, I will bring along a trusted Traditional photographer along with me and we will work in tandem.

B)     Secondly, the Wedding Photographer you choose must have the ability to gel with your friends and family in a manner that he is accepted more as a friend than a photographer. This helps the photographer in capturing all those fun filled moments or the other finer moments of bonding and love. If you aren’t at ease and be yourself, it will not help to capture the true essence of your wedding. You would do a better job if you choose someone who will make you feel relaxed, can relate with you and enhance the documentation of your special day. Check out these Wedding Photographs   to see how I relate to my clients and how I make them my friends.

C)   If you are in a dilemma as to how to choose a wedding photographer, then start your search way ahead of time. Good photographers are in high demand. Therefore, if you do not book in advance they may not be available.

D)  It is a good idea to choose an experienced photographer. Because this will ensure that he is absolutely sure of the way he needs to conduct himself without coming in the way of things. Besides, he will know exactly how to capture the emotional intensity of the occasion on film. However, relatively inexperienced photographers are not completely ruled out. But, make sure you check out his work before you engage him.

E) And lastly, the quality of the work of the Wedding Photographer, eye for details , his own distinctive style for wedding photography.

The above summarises in a nut shell, how to choose a Wedding Photographer, however you need to have a few other things in mind as well. Read on for more on this…..


What are the advantages of hiring a Professional Wedding photographer?

With the advent of Digital photography, anyone can capture a decent picture. That is really nice. But how to choose a Wedding Photographer for your Big Day? A Professional Wedding Photographer will capture your day consistently and unobtrusively. Here are a few key qualities to look for when considering a candidate:

1. The ability to take charge of a large group with ease and with a sense of fun.

2. The knowledge of all aspects of the wedding- for example, Sagai, Tilak, Sangeet, Gharoli, Haldi , Baraat, Mehendi, Shaadi, Kanyadan, Vidaai, Griha Pravesh, Reception. He should be able to anticipate the events that are going to happen so that he is prepared to capture the moment from the best possible angle.

I want you to look back on your wedding day as a beautiful beginning to a wonderful life together. I strive to capture all of the moments, large and small, for you and your family to remember for ever.

What is your style of photography to shoot weddings?

I am a Candid Wedding Photographer in Delhi and India. I don’t shoot photographs, I capture those fleeting moments and serve you in a platter in the form of an Album, which would otherwise be lost forever and forgotten over the years, those special moments that you might miss on your special day. My approach to photography is unobtrusive, conceptual and contemporary. I aim to use my creative vision and artistic flair to produce beautiful, timeless memories for you & your family to cherish. I deliver the Memories of the Special Moments of your life…..

What is the size of your team to shoot our wedding?

I love shooting alone, however if the client needs a second Contemporary Wedding Photographer, I would get one who shares my enthusiasm for capturing the wedding celebrations. If you desire so, I would bring along my trusted Traditional Photographer as well. The team size will depend on the size of the wedding, the number of guests, whether I am given to shoot from the bride/ groom side or from both sides, etc.

Do you shoot Film or Digital? Will you also provide Videography Services

I shoot Digital only.

Videography is Not my forte. However, I can bring along a videographer if you want me to. You may chose to hire one locally as well.

How many pictures will be taken and delivered?

It depends on the number of days and the number of events covered. I take a lot of images and the client gets a minimum of 250+ high-resolution images for a full day of shooting. Could be more if you so desire. Please remember, a typical album will take around 180 images to 220 images. The more the number the number of images in the album, the more cluttered they will look.

Additionally I will provide low resolution images for upload to facebook, sending to friends on emails, and for other internet sites.

Remember, most Wedding Photographers in India do not provide high Resolution images to you. You get a bonus for hiring me.

How long will you continue to shoot our ceremony ?

It depends on how much you want me to cover. I may be there from the time you start to get ready until I have covered your entire day (10 hours). I also offer half a day shoot (approx for 4 hours) if the requirement is such. There have been occasions when I have shot till morning 6am. Well, longer hours will come at a price though.

What are you price?

The wedding package would be tailor made to suit your requirements. It could include all the pictures on a DVD, a high quality contemporary coffee table book that shows the whole story. You could opt for a Pre Wedding couple shoot that shows the love chemistry between the couple.

Your wedding is one most special day in your life and my endeavour is to capture that magic in the images. I will ensure that these images are carefully documented so that they become memories forever for you and your loved ones. Get in touch today to arrange a free consultation, we’d love to meet you and find out more about your wedding.

Prices range from Rs 50,000 for a 4-5 hrs(Half day) shoot to Rs 1,00,000 (full day) for a 8-10 hrs shoot.

However, I would prepare customised quotations to suit your specific needs. So, do get in touch for a discussion.


How to make the payment?

I ask for a 50% deposit with your signed contract to book the contract and secure the date. The balance 50% on your wedding day.

Do you travel to shoot a wedding, and what is your travel fee?

I live in Delhi, India and I am open to travel anywhere in the world. Yes, there is a travel fee and it will all depend on the venue of your wedding.

When do we book our date with you?

I believe in quality over quantity and so I cover only a few weddings in a year. I put all my heart and soul  to each one of them. I serve you on first come, first served basis. To avoid scheduling conflicts. please book in advance.

Well , so much for now, I hope I have answered to some of your questions. Now you know how to choose a wedding photographer. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me via telephone or e-mail.
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