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I have seen the work of several Candid Wedding Photographers in Delhi, but never did anyone shoot two weddings together, single handedly. This was unique, this was amazing.
I had done the twin the Engagement Photography of Kashmiri Sisters before. That was my first time, when I shot two Engagements together, in the same venue and at the same time. It was challenging to say the least. Pleased with my work, Suvidha and Shubhangi, the sisters, hired me for their wedding as well. Once again, both the functions together,  in the same venue and at the same point of time. And they wanted me to cover both weddings single handedly. Oh, that was absolutely mad, but I loved the challenge.
The wedding was a day time function. Oh, what a respite from the usual late night functions. We started with the “getting ready” shots. Both sisters getting ready in the same room, the same make up artist doing the make up of both. Wow, that was an unique opportunity for me. Unfortunately Shubhangi fell sick and had headaches. She is a brave girl. She slept for a while and got up to get her makeup done soon. She did look dull as compared to the chirrupy and bubbly I knew. But she made up for that will her million volt smile.

Both the grooms arrived one after the other, it was hectic, running around in that huge venue. Must be about 200 mtrs across. And finally both the weddings started simultaneously. I ran between the mandaps, which were located around 20 mtrs apart. You may have a look at Suvidha’s Kashmiri Wedding Photography here.
For a glimpse to the Cross Cultural wedding Photography of Subhangi, see the slide show below.

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  1. Excellent work of art and creativity…A great story of Love and happiness told through your stunning and beautiful images that delight our eyes… memories no time can erase …Congratulations,Soumen Nath!

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